Temporary stigma associated with being "it"

I keep tabs on my online reputation with a vanity Google alert. Well the alert popped up earlier last week to notify me that I was "it". Turns out there is this game of "Blog-Tag" going around the blogosphere. I normally just post photos from my cameraphone an maybe a short commentary, but this sounds like fun, so I'm in.

I had to do some searching, but discovered that my tag lineage goes something like this:
I was blog-tagged by Chris Dohman
who was tagged by Paul Jahn
who was tagged by Jennifer Laycock
who was tagged by Matt McGee
who was tagged by Lisa Barone
who was tagged by Graywolf
who was tagged by Dean aka Digital Ghost
who was tagged by Marketing Guy
who was tagged by Aaron Shear
who was tagged by Avinash Kaushik
who was tagged by the starter of this whole thing Jeff Pulver.

As you can see this is turning into one of those 6-degrees-of-separation things. The object is to share five things about yourself that only a few people know, and then tag other bloggers to be "it." Here goes:
  1. Over a period of several years I have flown over, rafted through and walked in-and-out of the Grand Canyon.
  2. I love dogs and think puppy feet smell like Fritos corn chips and that their breath smells like fresh coffee grounds.
  3. I brought a live pig into our high school for a senior prank and got away with it. You don't know how much noise a pig can make until you bring one into class during finals.
  4. I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane 5 times and only sprained my ankle once.
  5. In a previous life I was an oil and gas geologist. This was way before I became a search marketer and professional speaker.
I now tag Jennifer Veesenmeyer (a new blogger), Lee Odden (if he is not already tagged), and Dick Pepper (a beer blogger)... You're it!