Monte Blanc Pen Mod Review

I read a post about how to convert a $3 pen into a $200 pen on LifeHacker last year.

Collaborative DIY site Instructables shows us how to convert a $3 pen into a $200 Mont Blanc pen by filling the shell of the former with the innards of the latter.
So this last Christmas I modded some pens and had my co-workers evaluate them. I was planing on making them for family gifts. Anyway, here is a review from my friend Paul, a pen aficionado:
Pilot G-2 05 and Mont Blanc fine point refill

Recently I examined both the Pilot G-2 05 gel pen (retail $1.50) and
the Mont Blanc rollerball refill (retail $6.00). While the look and feel
(feel as in "heft" as opposed to the way the pen glides across the
paper) of a pen are certainly reasonable features to consider, for this
test I was mostly interested in the quality of the line that each pen
produced on a specific type of paper - the acid-free, archival quality
paper of a Moleskine sketch book.

I have discovered that my preference regarding the broadness of a pen
tip varies according to the task I am performing. Generally I prefer a
fine point (0.5mm) or a very fine point (0.38mm). I've discovered,
though, that when I'm signing my name, I prefer a broader point.

Here are my comments on each of these fine point pens:

Mont Blanc rollerball refill (modded to fit the Pilot G-2 case)

  • Line feathered slightly
  • Skip-free writing
  • Nice feel
  • Attractive
  • Inexpensive (compared to buying a full Mont Blanc)
Had it not been for the slight feathering, this refill would have become
one of my favorites. However, since it feathers, it faces a lot more

Pilot G-2 gel

  • No feathering
  • Unsightly yellowish plug visible inside at the top of the refill
  • Skip-free writing
  • Nice feel
  • Ink level visible
  • Inexpensive
  • Widely available
The Pilot G-2 05 is one of the great gel pens available today. I highly
recommend it.