Blogging on the run in Thailand

Nokia 3310
Originally uploaded by James Chin.
Nuk's sister, Mod loaned me an old Nokia cellphone they had laying around. We stopped by a 7/11 (they are everywhere here) and added 300 baht call time to the SIM chip. Very easy. Very convenient.

During my trip this time I am taking a new approach to record memories for the future. The photos I'm posting now come from other people's Flickr accounts. That's right, if it is likely that somemone has already taken a decent shot of something I'm seeing, experiencing or trying to explain on my post I will forgo taking another picure of it an simply use someone else's.

This way I can blog with some relevent images and upload my own unique photos later when I have time.


  1. Interesting concept, what are you blogging with then? Are youe sending an email to blog blog using the Nokia? If your using email and phones to post, how are you embeding the images?

    Don't spend too much time online!

  2. Your going to document your trip using somebody else's photos? Ok, so how do we know you really went to Thailand at all? I'm gonna need a little more proof here bro. ;)