Departure - Dumping Fuel for Medical Emergency

Dumping Fuel
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Well, Nuk and I were finally on our way to Bankok (BKK) Thailand. A trip we have been planning for and waiting for 8 years to do together.

We departed Minneapolis (MSP) at about 3 pm, but about 3 hours into the flight to Narita (NRT) Japan, there was a medical emergency on the flight. Apparently an elderly woman was having heartp problems associated with diabetes. There were medical personell on-board that assited her untill they were able to land the plane in Edmunton, Alberta, Canada.

Since it was early in the flight and we had to land sooner than expected the pilot dumped fuel for about an hour to lighten the plane for a premature landing. Once medical emergency personnel offloaded the sick passenger, we refuled and were on our way again. However, we got in to NRT too late to catch connecting flights so we got our transit papers in order and spent the night in a nearby hotel called Evergreen Garden. Nuk and I changed a few dolars to Yen and walked the neighborhood only to find a Japanese quickmart. This in itself was very fascinating due to the novel (and very nicely packaged) products it sold.


  1. Is that really a picture of the airplane dumping fuel? Guess I'll have to google it ;)

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