Please Pass the Pangasius

We had dinner last night along the Chao Phraya river in BKK at my brother's favorite restaurant Baan Klang Nam. The restaurant is known for serving giant Prawns. The ones we had, had to be 1/3 lbs. each!

One of the dishes included giant pangasius or Chao Phraya giant catfish a species of freshwater fish in the shark catfish family.

Full-grown adults can reach ten feet in length and weigh up to 646 pounds. It was served with some fried garlic, chopped salty pickled radish and a spicy sauce. Mmmm, good.

All the food here has been an adventure. We have sampled Laos-Isann, Muslim, Cantonese, Thai, Indian (southern) cuisines so far.

I have not eaten ant bugs yet, but soon, very soon...

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