I Meet Aaron Caley a Food Blogger

Fry Bread Stand
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I just lost my camera on this trip so I am missing a few photos of some of the delicious food I have been eating in Thailand. Not to worry. My brother Nick introduced me to Aaron Caley, an educator and food photo buff. Now I can just reference Aaron's pics. You don't mind do you Aaron?

Aaron and BKK Savvy gourmand Ellen took my brother and I to a marvelous Korean restaurant in BKK. They had lived in Korea for some time and gave us a etiquette lesson on how a Korean meal should be consumed. Very interesting and enlightening.

Aaron posts food stories and photos on his blog called DishADay. It's "A blog about but not limited to: Thai snacks, meals, and cantankerous commentary." Check out his video about Kung Ten, a dish consisting of live freshwater shrimp. You have heard of extreme sports? Aaron is an extreme foodie!

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