5 obvious things that indicate the iPad is an example of the next shift in computing

I recently was loaned an iPad 3G for a week and used it on a trip to Florida where I did not plan to take my laptop.

I used it for a many things. Some of which I could also do from my iPhone (but not as easily). Mostly:
  • Watching & listening to video podcasts.
  • Checking email & calendar.
  • Reading technical user manuals.
  • Sharing photos, podcasts & videos.
  • Collaborating over maps and satellite images.
This inspired me to come up with five obvious things that indicate that tablet computing is the next shift (game changer) in very personal computing:
  1. Instant-on - Little or no boot up time is required. When a question or issue is raised the tablet is ready to deliver with little or no lag. Immediate gratification.
  2. Not just mobile, but conveniently transferable or "handoff-able" - This promotes an information gift culture.
  3. Easy to use - little or no instruction to navigate and manipulate information. The touch environment makes navigation simpler and more intuitive than conventional use of keyboard and mouse or touch pad. Simple is good.
  4. Transparent - After the novelty of the new gadget wears off users get right to the content. Interacting with the content causes collaboration rather than just presentation. Content is king.
  5. Fun to use - There is no reason that something as serious as the next evolutionary step in computing can't be fun. Adoption is compelling.
I predict that in less than 5 years we will all be sporting tablet-like devices over notebooks or netbooks.