Why I pay for my own mobile phone & plan.

A little over a year ago I voluntarily returned my company-paid Samsung Blackjack Smartphone and switched my corporate-sponsored AT&T plan into a personal private plan. In other words, I switched from a perfectly good mobile smartphone, that the company permitted me to use for limited personal use and bought my own to the tune of $299 and about $80 a month ongoing.

I was saving quite a bit of money - Why would I do that?

I did it to get an Apple iPhone, which my company at the time did not support.

I feel that the the launch of the iPhone represents a paradigm-shift for the mobile industry. Apple is succeeding in doing what other mobile operators have struggled too long to do. It gives a compelling reason to use mobile data and the mobile internet.

The iPhone marks the beginning of mass-market use of mobile email and the mobile internet in the U.S. (parts of Asia have already surpassed this milestone). Others have now entered the fray, but Apple did it first.

To some of you this may sound like an elaborate justification for a much desired gadget, but part of the work I do falls into this shift and I consider it part of my professional development. I believe in investing in myself.

I also look forward to how this technology is impacting the use of social media. Many social media channels already incorporate a mobile platform.