The Perfect Ad at the Perfect Time to the Perfect Recipient.

"I want my epitaph to read: He made Cialis ads optional." Paul Douglas said this recently at the first ROI LEADER FORUM for Small Business Innovation and Results in Minneapolis.

As anyone in Minnesota can tell you, Paul Douglas is a well-known local meteorologist and TV personality. Less well known to me was Paul's success as a entrepreneur.

Paul Douglas has created several Internet start-ups, including EarthWatch 3-D weather graphics in 1990, and licensing software to TV stations worldwide. Currently he is focused on Singular Logic, a patent holding company. The goal: to reinvent news and advertising on the web.
"Consumer behavior is best learned when consumers are in control of their content and advertisers listen. Today, consumers are selecting custom content, from choosing where and when they watch their favorite programs to their friend and fan pages on Facebook." Singular Logic
This was music to my ears. For more than 10 years I'v been working in online marketing and love the kind of paradigm change that entrepreneurs like Paul Douglas are bringing to broadcast and other channels as a result of the Internet.

Social media and targeted advertising can work hand-in-hand.

So Paul, if you are reading this please feel free to enlist me in your endeavor. My experience in search marketing and social media are at your service.

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  1. TED Video: Ingenious new technology that will smarten up the electrical outlets in our homes, using microprocessors and RFID tags.

    I imagine these guys are up against some of the same challenges as singular logic.