5 Blog Copywriting Tips from a Professional Writer

"You're boring! You should do it this way." This was the first advice I got from an old friend of mine, when I asked her to help me critique a blog post I had started to draft.

Sue is a great copywriter with experience in journalism, speech writing, ghostwriting and web writing. I value her advice and came away from our little session with 5 tips to write a better blog post.
  1. Your lead sentence should grab the reader. Pull them in. Pick it carefully.
  2. Keep you post short. Don't bore the reader.
  3. So what? What does your message mean to the reader? What's in it for them.
  4. It's not about you. Get over yourself. Write for the reader.
  5. Keep your post focused. Don't go off on tangents.
Thanks Sue. Now I'll just dust off my ego and write some better posts.