Wardo Quoted in The September 2009 M.D. News

I recently found out that I'm quoted in a marketing article in the September 2009 M.D. News - Twin Cities Edition. M.D News is a business and lifestyle magazine for physicians.

The article titled "Web-Med Marketing Prescribed by Nerds" was written by Mark Malmberg, at Sierra Bravo a Twin Cities technology company. I'm quoted twice, the beginning and ending of the article.

The article speaks to how medical marketing is changing due to new technologies and communication channels. Some of these touched on in the article include:
Here is the ending paragraph:
"The old marketing approach was, 'Reach X number of eyeballs; make them think X," said Tongden. "Now, it has to be about discovering where people are at, what they want and finding a way to appeal to them in their vernacular. Establish a connection. You don't tell people what your brand is anymore; you listen to people to figure out what your brand is. The Internet has flipped marketing on its head."
I'm very flattered even if they spelled my name incorrectly.


  1. What a great find. I'd be interested in reading the full article. The quote is totally you, I can remember numerous occasions where you've made that speech to both clients and associates. Way to GO!

  2. The article that I'm quoted in finally rendered in an online version. http://bit.ly/3xSnxW. Check it out.

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