SearchBaiting my Colleagues

"You're so vain. You probably think this post is about you."

Last year I participated in blog tagging. This year I came up with a fun new scheme I'll call "Searchbaiting".

Working Definition of Searchbaiting: The act of leaving clues on the Web (searchbait) so that a targeted person will discover and act on the reference. One who searchbaits of course would be a searchbaiter.

There is a very talented group of Minnesota search marketers I want to test. I also wanted to use the term Searchbaiting, which I don't think is a word yet.
As Web professionals I figure there are several ways my friends could find this post about them.
  1. A vanity search
  2. Backlink analysis of web properties I've linked their names to
  3. Referral analysis of custom campaign parameters to these web sites
  4. Word-of-mouth (so don't tell them)
Myself, I have a Google vanity alert set up so that I am notified by email when my name appears in Google's index.

OK let's see how long it takes them to find this post.

Clint, Nicole, Sarah, & Paul - Once you find this post please leave a comment. First one to leave a comment wins!

[4/26/08 @2am] 1st Place - Paul Jahn
[4/29/08 @ 5:30pm] 2nd Place - Clint Danks
[5/14/08 @ 7:08pm] 3rd Place - Sarah Bernier
[5/18/08 @ 11:33am] 4th Place - Nicole St. Martin